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  • What happens if Board Busterz can't fix a board?

First of all, that is a rare incident.  If that were the case, then we would simply refund you 1/3 of the contract price of $149 or $49.66.

  • Are circuit boards with pre existing problems covered?

Unfortunately no, there is a 15 day waiting period to send a board in once you purchase the insurance.  If you have a circuit board that needs immediate attention, we suggest you purchase that single repair.

  • How long does it take to get my board back, through insurance or otherwise?

Generally, most boards take only a day or two.  But there are instances where that is not true. Sometimes we have to order a rare component, sometimes the problem is more difficult to find, etc.

  • Are warranties offered for circuit boards repaired under insurance?

Yes, all boards are given a 1 year warranty, regardless of whether it's repaired through insurance or not.  A refund will not be given though if the board is returned in working condition.

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