Admiral Refrigerator Control Board Repair

Board Picture May Not

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Admiral WPW10503278, 67004453

Admiral WPW10503278, 67004453                              $109

Admiral WP67001360, 102937

Admiral WP67001360, 102937                                     $109

Admiral WP67004704, 060002121

Admiral WP67004704, 060002121                               $89

Admiral WPW10207861, 102684

Admiral WPW10207861, 102684                                 $119

Admiral WP67003817, 67003817

Admiral WP67003817, 67003817                                 $99

Admiral WPW10204681, 67005399

Admiral WPW10204681, 67005399                              $99

Admiral WP61004516, 61004516

Admiral WP61004516, 61004516                                 $99

Admiral WP67003623, 67005013

Admiral WP67003623, 67005013                                 $99

Admiral WP67004258, 67004258

Admiral WP67004258, 67004258                                 $99

Admiral 67001603

Admiral 67001603                                                         $129

Admiral 12001329, 61001559

Admiral 12001329, 61001559                                       $99

Admiral 61003072, 697514

Admiral 61003072, 697514                                           $99

Admiral 61005836

Admiral 61005836                                                         $119

Admiral W10206104, 12782028

Admiral W10206104, 12782028                                    $129

Admiral WP12784417, 67006213

Admiral WP12784417, 67006213                                  $109

Admiral WP67006854, 67006854

Admiral WP67006854, 67006854                                  $139

Admiral WP67007154, 67007154

Admiral WP67007154, 67007154                                  $79

Admiral 12002331, 67002172

Admiral 12002331, 67002172                                       $149

To see a comprehensive list of appliance circuit boards we repair, CLICK HERE...

This is a repair service for an Admiral, which may come up as one of the following brands:  Atlantis, Crosley, Dynasty, Gemini, Hardwick, Jade, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Norge, Thermador and Whirlpool brands. This repair service corrects issues such as the F1 Error code and other problems.




Can you repair my existing refrigerator control board?


Yes, this is an refrigerator control board repair service for your existing control board.   


What are some of the common problems or symptoms that this refrigerator control board repair service will fix?


Some common problems associated with these boards are listed below. Your fridge may be having some or all of these symptoms.


  • Error Codes

  • Refrigerator doesn’t reach temperature

  • Compressor will not turn on

  • Other intermittent error codes


How long will it take to repair my refrigerator control board?


Most boards take 1 to 3 days, many take only 1 day.  Call for more info if you're concerned about the time.  


Do you offer a warranty with your repair service?


Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on all our refrigerator control board repairs. What this means is that if your board fails anytime within a year, we will repair the item again.  That does not include a refund as the board may be too damaged, have a bad processor or something else that cannot be repaired.